Meet Addie


Originally, Addie’s began by specializing in white blouses — an homage to the French boutiques dotting various Paris arrondissements, which strictly carry the classic staple . Yet, as I had the opportunity to spend more time with the women who shop with Addie’s, my original concept began to expand, because I began hearing the same complaints.

What we busy ladies yearn for is value — in the things we own, in how we spend our time, in our relationships, in ourselves. Time and energy are our precious commodities. Addie’s is a place where women find value in clothes that are well-made and easy to wear, in a sales staff that values their time and money — not wasting either by providing a personal approach to shopping and honest feedback on color, cut, and style.

​Addie’s is a boutique that is a destination, where you want to spend time — for yourselves, with your friends and female family members.

With Addie’s, looking great doesn’t have to be complicated.