5 Tips for Organizing Your Closet

1. Group Like Things

*organize your items by season, by garment type, etc.

*I hang items by garment type, then by sleeve length and color. For example, I hang all my tops on the left side of my closet in this order: tanks, cap sleeve, short sleeve, three-quarter sleeve, and long sleeve.

Then, within each sleeve length, I organize by colors of the rainbow: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet, with white and black at the end. I know. It seems a little OCD, but I can find exactly what I’m looking for!

   **Helpful Hint: Hang all of your clothes in the same direction. Once you wear an item, hang it in the opposite direction. By the end of the season, you will know what you have worn, and what you haven’t–making a snap of closet-purging!


2. Fold Sweaters and Loose Knits

*Hangers can create “bumps” at the shoulders.

*Some fabric will stretch or lose its shape if hung for long periods of time.


3. Use organizers, if necessary.

*Shoe bags can double as scarf- or sweater-holders.

*Shelf dividers come in handy with several folded items on shelves. They keep your folded stacks from becoming messy piles.


4. Store out-of-season apparel in order to create more space in your closet.

*I “switch out” my closet twice a year: once for Spring/Summer and once for Fall/Winter. I stow away items until they are in season. (Need hints for storing your out-of-season wardrobe? Click here.)


5. Avoid storing items in your closet that collect dust.

 *Things such as dried or silk flowers, stuffed animals, books, etc. collect dust and keep your clothes from staying fresh.