4 Easy Transition Tips For Fall

It’s unofficially Fall, but it’s still 90 degrees outside. What’s a Texas girl to do?

Don’t sweat it! Just follow these simple “Rules of Thumb” and Transition Tips.

Transition Rule of Thumb #1: You don’t have to pack up all of your summer wear just yet. Mix darker colors, richer textures, and a little warmth into your wardrobe before packing up your summer wardrobe.
Transition Rule of Thumb #2: Layer long over lean.

1.Tops & Bottoms:

Continue to wear your summer tops, simply consider pairing them with darker colors. (See Rule of Thumb #1).
White After Labor Day? Maybe. But it’s pretty easy to continue wearing your breezy or floral summer tops, if you pair them with your indigo or olive jeans instead.
Pair your summer brights, such as white, pink, blue, and green with pants or skirts in black and gray.

2. Layers:

(Rules of Thumb #1 & #2!)
Layer your summer tanks and short sleeve tops under lightweight cardigans (in linen or cotton) or jackets (again-think linen or even denim)
layer a three-quarter sleeve tee under your sleeveless dresses or light-weight vests
layer your summer shirt dresses, tunics, or shorter length skirts with tights or leggings (maybe in a few weeks, anyway).

3. Shoes:

(Rule of Thumb #1)
We’re still in sandals. Simply relegate your light-colored sandals to the back of your closet and keep you black and brown sandals handy.
Start wearing your fall booties with bare legs under your crop pants or skirts.

4. Accessories:

(Rule of Thumb #1)
Lightweight scarves in darker color tones allow you to pull a fall look into an otherwise summer outfit.
Pull out your animal print shoes, bags, and belts.
Leather makes everything look “warmer.”

Looking great doesn’t have to be complicated!